Benoit-Casper Brewing Company was established in 2014 by two craft beer obsessed friends, Marc Benoit and Chad Casper. Marc and Chad are both, long-time, Bay Area residents who have a passion for brewing and enjoy sharing their craft.

Marc Benoit

Marc comes from high tech but has roots in firefighting and mechanical engineering. He likes to think on his feet and specializes in ridiculously complicated solutions to simple problems. His brain runs 24/7/365 and he is always planning the next thing to build to solve problems that haven’t come up yet. Marc has designed and built brewing equipment that is now sold commercially in several countries. He has traveled extensively and enjoys beer styles from all around the globe. He started home brewing in 2010 with inconsistent and often disastrous results. Shortly thereafter obsession and desire for perfection kicked in and he began building, rebuilding and upgrading brewing equipment and process until the end results were consistently delicious. Marc comes from strong beer drinking stock and learned how to fill a pitcher from a draft beer box at an early age. If not for the love and support of his wife Geneen, the dream to brew commercially would never have come to fruition.

Chad Casper

Chad’s love for drinking craft beer stems back over two decades and when he was finally introduced to brewing, all that research begun to pay off in the beer-making department. It all began when his wife, Robin, had given him a beer-making kit as a gift and one month later a wonderful beer was born. The pursuit to perfect that beer lead to many more great award-winning beers, some which are now brewed professionally. Working with his hands is what drives Chad to be the best at his craft. From his career in construction to brewing great beer, his passion shows through his work.