Our beers are inspired by our love for Belgian, Hoppy-Americian and traditional German styles. We brew in small batches and use only the finest ingredients. Our beers are not filtered and time is taken to let each batch cold condition naturally. We work hard at our craft, put quality first, and take satisfaction in sharing the fruits of our labor with you in a finely-crafted glass of beer!



Point Richmond Pale Ale

We named this beer after our local, bay-side, neighborhood of Pt. Richmond, California. Our award-winning pale ale is brewed with a blend of English malt and over six, different, hop varieties which makes for a nice balance of sweet malt, floral and citrus hop flavors.

5.4% ABV / 54 IBU


Saison de Casper – Belgian-style Ale
Our lightest and most refreshing ale is fermented with a blend of Belgian farmhouse yeast which lend way to some very distinct esters. Accompanied by those unique flavors is a soft malt body and a quenching, crisp finish. Gold Medal Winner, Best of Craft Beer Awards 2016.

5.5% ABV / 22 IBU


Benoit Casper – Double IPA

Our West Coast style, Double IPA is loud and proud to have been born in the Iron Triangle of Richmond, California. Pungent, hoppy aromas of citrus and pine lend way to a delicate balance of soft malt and moderate alcohol that ends bitter and dry.

9.25% ABV / 109 IBU


Belgian-style Tripel

Brewed with Belgian Pilsner Malt, Candi sugar and Tettnang hops, this is our version of the classic Belgian Tripel. Dangerously smooth and delicious.

9.5% ABV / 34 IBU


Seasonal & Specialty

Gavin’s Dark Strong – Belgian style Dark Strong Ale

Our seasonal Belgian style ale is dark and strong with rich, complex flavors of caramel, candy and plum. Inspired by the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus and a boy who was born in a car.

10% ABV / 24 IBU